Josh VanderLinden avatar Josh VanderLinden committed f1b9805

#4 - The fixtures were not included in the distribution file. I've updated the
MANIFEST to include them, and now you should only need to run python
syncdb to get the standard article statuses into your environment. Also, there
is a code change to make the IndexError go away in the event that there are no
article status objects (for whatever reason).

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 include LICENSE README.rst
-recursive-include articles *.py *.html *.po *.mo *.gif *.js *.css
+recursive-include articles *.py *.html *.po *.mo *.gif *.js *.css *.json


 class ArticleStatusManager(models.Manager):
     def default(self):
-        return self.all()[0]
+        default = self.all()[:1]
+        if len(default) == 0:
+            return None
+        else:
+            return default[0]
 class ArticleStatus(models.Model):
     name = models.CharField(max_length=50)
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