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remove choosing template default

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 import tw2.core.validation as twv
 import formencode.validators as fv
 from c5t.core.lib.helpers import make_template_list
-from c5t.core.lib.helpers import make_parent_list,get_default_template
+from c5t.core.lib.helpers import make_parent_list
 import tw2.jqplugins.elrte as elrte
 class TemplateField(twf.widgets.InputField):
+    default_template_name = ''
     def prepare(self):
         self.template_list = make_template_list()
-        default_template = get_default_template()
-        if default_template:
-            self.default_template_name = str(default_template)
-        else:
-            self.default_template_name = ''
+        for item in self.template_list:
+            if '' in self.template_list[item]:
+                self.default_template_name = ''            
 class ParentField(twf.widgets.InputField):


     return all_tags
-def get_default_template():
-    template_page = [page for page in Page.query.find({'slug':'default_template'})]
-    if template_page:
-       return template_page[0].template
-    else:
-       return None
 def get_child_pages(allpages,page_ids,page_names,parent_pages,previous_page_id,indent):
     for a_page in allpages:
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