compoze README


This package provides a script for creating setuptools-compatible package indexes using packages downloaded from other indexes.


Installing 'compoze' via 'easy_install' (it doesn't depend on any other 'repoze' packages), creates a script, 'compoze', in the scripts directory of your Python:

$ bin/easy_install -i compoze

Fetching Distributions

The 'compoze fetch' command is useful for retrieving distutils distributions matching a set requirment specifications, e.g:

$ bin/compoze fetch --path=/tmp/index \
              --index-url= \
              repoze.grok "repoze.project>=2.1"

If you do not supply an index URL, 'compoze' uses the Python Package Index (the "cheeseshop") by default:

$ bin/compoze fetch --path=/tmp/index someproject

You can supply more than one "source" index:

$ bin/compoze fetch --path=/tmp/index \
              --index-url= \
              --index-url= \
              someproject another_project

If you do not supply a path, 'compoze fetch' uses the current directory.

Example: Recreating the Package Set Already Installed

You can also ask to have 'compoze' fetch distributions for the eggs already installed in site-packges:

$ bin/compoze fetch --path=/tmp/plone --fetch-site-packages

Building a Package Index

'compoze index' will make a PyPI-like package index in the target directory:

$ bin/compoze index --path=/tmp/downloads

Example: Creating a Package Index for the Versions Already Installed

One common use case is to capture the "known good set" represented by a given Python environment. In this case, you want both to download the distributions corresponding to the projects installed in site-packages, and also make a package index from them:

$ bin/compoze fetch --fetch-site-packages --path kgs \
              index --path kgs