moviedemo / moviedemo / controllers /

"""Test Secure Controller"""
from moviedemo.lib.base import BaseController
from tg import expose, flash
from pylons.i18n import ugettext as _
#from tg import redirect, validate
#from moviedemo.model import DBSession, metadata
#from dbsprockets.dbmechanic.frameworks.tg2 import DBMechanic
#from dbsprockets.saprovider import SAProvider
from repoze.what.predicates import has_permission

class SecureController(BaseController):
    """Sample controller-wide authorization"""

    # The predicate that must be met for all the actions in this controller:
    allow_only = has_permission('manage',
                                msg=_('Only for people with the "manage" permission'))

    def index(self):
        flash(_("Secure Controller here"))
        return dict(page='index')

    def some_where(self):
        """should be protected because of the require attr
        at the controller level.
        return dict(page='some_where')
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