sprox / CHANGELOG.txt

* Fix MultipleSelections when only one entry was selected
* Fix MultipleSelection validation not working correctly
* Fix SQLA0.8 relationships detection
* Fix broken Unicode validation for strings on TW1
* Fix ming provider trying to cast already correctly casted values
* Fixes to the Dojogrid

0.8.1 (11/13/2012)
* Fix for Multiple Selection fields when choosing only one entry
* Fix for __sprox__ declared options being wrongly overwritten by successive forms sprox calls
* Fix for __require_fields__ on TW2 validators
* Support lazy=dynamic sqla relationships
* Make tables with widgets inside work on TW2
* TableBase now returns Column instances fixing issue with xml_fields being the field headers instead of the field id
* Avoid crashes when is_relation is called on an hybrid_property
* Apply validators also to hidden_fields

0.8 (8/16/2012)
* tw2 support.

* [MING] Support omit_fields in update function. This is used to avoid
setting to empty values fields that the forms to ignore
* Fix issue with postgres Sequence columns
* Fix issue with projects using mako which still required Genshi for forms
with Hidden PUT field.

0.7.1 (1/31/12)
* [MING] Now writing a read-only attribue on ming won't cause a crash
anymore, it will be silently ignored
* [MING] Bool values are now supported in ming, can be any of "true",
"false", 1, 0, True, False
* [MING] like for SQLA now every field named password will be
displayed as a PasswordField
* [MING] Relationships support for setting related objects passing
both ObjectId or MappedClass instance
* Provider.query now supports filtering by using the filters argument.
This is a dictionary of the fields for which to filter the results,
the key is the name of the field and the value is the value for which
to filter for. Only equality filtering is supported.

0.7 (unreleased)
Added support for Ming (Mongo)

Support for sqlalchemy 0.7.x
Removal of Enum Column support (didn't work before anyway)

Bugfix Release

Bugfix Release

Fixes to not remove relations that are listed in field order.
Python 2.4 support

better support for mulitple primary keys.
hiding of FKs for things that display relations already.
python 2.6 deprecation removal.
autoheight support
omit fields on update
SA 0.6. support
mako templates for a few widgets.

Alessandro Molina contributed speedup for dictify.
Better IE support for dojo table (preventCache added)

Alessandro Molina contributed FieldStorage support
IE 6 support for sprox dojo

Fixed _method forcing "missing value" error on TG2
Interval Support (Graham Higgins)

TW 0.9.7 support

Bugfix Release

Bugfix Release

* TableFiller can provide field_methods for customization of output.
* You can now customize the query TableFiller uses.
* TableBase now has __xml_field__ modifier that un-escapes the data
provided by the given list of fields.
* There is a new tutorial for TableFiller:
* Sqashed #8: Synonym Properties causing Tracebacks.
* Added Mako Templates for every sprox widget. (SPEED!)
* Fixed the way relation form fields render.
* Brandon Rhodes provided a fix for TableBase that allows fields to
render with any Widget type.
* Teajay Bernard provided *experimental* support for Editable Dojo
* Test framework fixed to be more forgiving of XML.
* Declarative Validation overrides now work properly.
* Field Class added so that you may override both the Widget _and_ a
Validator for a field (documentation pending).

Added __headers__ functionality to tablebase.

Added the ability to pass args into base widgets and field widgets.
Added Dojo Select Shuttles to the forms.

0.5.3 and earlier.  Prehistory.  See