This is a django application for searching a directory tree containing .rtf (rich text file) plaint text .txt files.
Files must be properly labled .rtf or .txt

There is a requirement of the package rtf2xml which has an easy install.
rtf2xml requires the non-free package 'profile' which on ubuntu and debain will require apt-get installing python-profiler.

The document root ro be walked by the seacrh is contained in (rename the template file and change to your tastes)

The repository name is Django-search-rtf, but I don't like this as a folder name in my django project folder.  The most direct way to have this project in a differently named folder is to 1)create a folder (search-rtf), 2) move into it and 'hg init', 3) create a file (if it doesn't exist) in .hg/ called hgrc 4) add the lines:

default =

5) cd back into the working directory and 'hg pull'

Alternatively, you could clone the repository and move all of the files (including .hg/) into a folder of your chosing.

If you have an rtf which is not processed well by this application, please send it to permafacture at gmail dot com.