This is a SPORE client implementation.

Install from CPAN

  • if not done yet, install cpanm
  • install the module from cpan : cpanm Net::HTTP::Knork

Install from repository

  • clone this repository : hg clone ssh://
  • install the author dependencies : dzil authordeps | cpanm
  • install the module dependencies : dzil listdeps | cpanm
  • all set !

Contribution guidelines

Reporting an issue

  • any issue can be reported on the issue tracker of the repository
  • an issue should give some details regarding the error experienced : environment, how to reproduce, workaround (if any)...

Submitting a patch

  • if you find an error or want an improvement on something, you can submit a patch by submitting a merge request
  • a merge request MUST come with tests that prove the correctness of the patch submitted. See also this or the t folder of the repository to have an idea on how to implement tests for Net::HTTP::Knork