Semi-Analytic Solutions for 1-D Radiative Shock Tubes

Attempts to reproduce the results of Lowrie & Edwards (2007, Shock Waves, 16, 445; 2008, Shock Waves, 18, 129) for 1-D radiative shock tubes. Both equilibrium and non-equilibrium solutions are included.


  • numpy (tested with v1.9.1)
  • matplotlib (tested with v1.4.2)
  • scipy (tested with v0.13.3)

How-to run


ipython --pylab
In [1]: %run -i nonequilibrium.py

Also possible:

python nonequilibrium.py

If running non-interactively, the output is stored in nonequil_results.png.

The same procedure will also work with equilibrium.py.

Suggested Workflow

Notwithstanding typos, the preferred workflow for making changes is:

  1. Create new branch with a descriptive name; make changes.
  2. Create pull request; upon approval, merge with master (and close branch).

Originally written by Jon Ramsey, Summer 2014.

A successful application of the included scripts can be seen in ยง4.4 of Ramsey & Dullemond (2015, A&A, 574, A81).

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This software can be freely distributed or modified in accordance with the GNU Public License v3.