beam_integrals /

# Based on and
import re
import os
import sys

PY_VER_STR = "py%d%d" % sys.version_info[:2]

def gen_find_applicable_requirements_filenames(base_filename):
    Generator that yields the passed base requirements filename, along with its
    version specific requirements filename (if exists)
    yield base_filename
    base, ext = os.path.splitext(base_filename)
    version_specific_filename = "%s.%s%s" % (base, PY_VER_STR, ext)
    if os.path.exists(version_specific_filename):
        yield version_specific_filename

def gen_open_files(filenames):
    Generator that takes an iterable containing filenames as input and yields a
    sequence of file objects that have been suitably open
    for name in filenames:
        yield open(name)

def gen_cat(sources):
    Generator that concatenates multiple generators into a single sequence
    for s in sources:
        for item in s:
            yield item

def gen_lines_from_requirements(base_filename):
    Generator that finds all applicable requirements filenames and yields their
    contents, line at a time
    filenames = gen_find_applicable_requirements_filenames(base_filename)
    files = gen_open_files(filenames)
    lines = gen_cat(files)
    return lines

def parse_requirements(base_filename):
    Finds all applicable requirements filenames, parse them and return the
    requirements = []
    for line in gen_lines_from_requirements(base_filename):
        if re.match(r'(\s*#)|(\s*$)', line):
        if re.match(r'\s*-e\s+', line):
            requirements.append(re.sub(r'\s*-e\s+.*#egg=(.*)$', r'\1', line))
        elif re.match(r'\s*-f\s+', line):
    return requirements

def parse_dependency_links(base_filename):
    Finds all applicable requirements filenames, parse them and return the
    dependency links
    dependency_links = []
    for line in gen_lines_from_requirements(base_filename):
        if re.match(r'\s*-[ef]\s+', line):
            dependency_links.append(re.sub(r'\s*-[ef]\s+', '', line))
    return dependency_links