Petar Marić committed fb9288f

Blacklisted a couple of talk URLs as they haven’t had any downloads for quite a while. Besides, I’m bored to tears from receiving daily error reports caused by these URLs every single day for the last 6 months.

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 TOTAL_PAGES_RE = re.compile("Showing page \d+ of (\d+)")
+    '', # No downloads
+    '', # No downloads
 def _read_page(page_num):
     return urlread(TALKS_LIST_URLS % page_num)
     urls = []
     for page in xrange(1, _get_num_pages()+1): # Talk list pages are 1-indexed
+    # Remove the well-known problematic talk URLs (i.e. no downloads available)
+    urls = filter(lambda x: x not in TALKS_URLS_BLACKLIST, urls)
+"Found %d talk url(s) in total", len(urls))
     return urls