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Issue #13 resolved

Can't get .srt files for Simplified Chinese TED Talks

Anonymous created an issue


I am a teacher living in China. I used METATED to download all the TED talks with simplified Chinese subs for my students. I want to use some of them in the classroom.

All my talks downloaded just fine (the .mp4 files). I had them grouped by theme and went for high quality. I'm using Mac OS X 10.6.8 on my iMac. I have a VPN so it's not the Great Firewall blocking me. I'm using Firefox's extension "DownThemAll!" to get the downloads. I'm not given specifics by "DownThemAll!" as to why it refuses to get the .srt files. It just gives me the phrase "temporary error."

I do know from doing it manually that there are not available Chinese subtitles for every TED talk. Just wondering if you are aware of this or if you know an easy fix.

Thanks - awesome tool thus far! It's saved me a lot of time. I got 1200 TED talks in just a day!

Please let me know if you need additional data.

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  1. Petar Maric repo owner

    Fixed #13, #14: Switched to hard subtitled video download URLs, as there have been issues with externally hosted soft subtitles. The 'standard' quality level has unfortunately been removed, as TED doesn't provide hard subtitles for it.

    → <<cset 65f6dffc8189>>

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