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metaTED is a tool that makes it easy to download all of the TED talks. It does so by creating over 1,000 metalinks of TED talks varying in both the quality levels and possible talk groupings by directory. Features include:

  • Creates talks with informative file names - i.e. Unconventional Explanations/Hans Rosling on HIV - New facts and stunning data visuals.mp4 instead of original HansRosling_2009_480.mp4.
  • Provides subtitles for talks in over 85 supported languages. New languages and translations are added daily through the TED Open Translation Project, and you help out by becoming a translator today.
  • Tries hard to get all of the talks, or at least most of them - with a good reason if some have failed.
  • More choice - creates one metalink per available quality level (currently low, standard and high).
  • More choice - creates one metalink per available talk grouping, with all talks belonging to the same group placed inside a common directory. The possible talk groupings are extracted from talks metadata (currently filming year, publishing year, event name and author).
  • Aggressive caching throughout the project, to avoid expensive network/CPU operations as much as possible. Proper cache invalidation included.
  • High levels of fault tolerance.
  • Simple, yet powerful homegrown web crawler.
  • Flexible and extensible software design with changes in mind.
  • Provides both the console script and a public API.

Downloading TED talks

If you just want to download TED talks, you don't need to install this package, or even Python. All you need to do is get a download client that supports the Metalink standard and choose one of the daily updated metalinks.

Installing and running metaTED

You can install metaTED with pip via pip install metaTED. You can run it with metaTED, or metaTED -h to get help and the list of all available options.

The project itself is hosted on bitbucket, from where you can get the code and report bugs.

New in metaTED 2.1.1


  • Completely reworked talk_info metadata detection code as TED made major changes to their HTML layout.
  • Updated supported subtitle language markers as TED updated their HTML layout.
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