metaTED is a tool that makes it easy to download all of the `TED talks`_. It
does so by creating over 8 `metalinks`_ of TED talks varying in both the
quality levels and possible talk groupings by directory. Features include:

    * Creates talks with informative file names - i.e.
      ``Unconventional Explanations/Hans Rosling on HIV - New facts and stunning data visuals.mp4``
      instead of original ``HansRosling_2009_480.mp4``.

    * Tries hard to get all of the talks, or at least most of them - with a good
      reason if some have failed.

    * More choice - creates one metalink per available quality level
      (currently low and high).

    * More choice - creates one metalink per available talk grouping, with all
      talks belonging to the same group placed inside a common directory. The
      possible talk groupings are extracted from talks metadata (currently
      filming/publishing year, talk theme and author).

    * Aggressive caching throughout the project, to avoid expensive network/CPU
      operations as much as possible. Proper cache invalidation included.

    * High levels of fault tolerance. 

    * Simple, yet powerful homegrown web crawler. 

    * Flexible and extensible software design with changes in mind.

    * Provides both the console script and a public API.

.. _metalinks:
.. _TED talks:

Downloading TED talks

If you just want to `download TED talks`_, you don't need to install this
package, or even Python. All you need to do is get a
`download client that supports the Metalink standard`_ and choose one of the
`daily updated metalinks`_.

.. _download TED talks:
.. _download client that supports the Metalink standard:
.. _daily updated metalinks:

Installing and running metaTED

metaTED is available as an `easy-install`_-able package, you can install it with
``easy_install -U metaTED``, or ``pip install metaTED`` if you have `pip`_. You
can run it with ``metaTED``, or ``metaTED -h`` to get help and the list of all
available options.

The project itself is `hosted on bitbucket`_, from where you can get the code
and report bugs.

.. _easy-install:
.. _pip:
.. _hosted on bitbucket:

New in metaTED 1.0.6

    * Updated author and talk theme markers as TED updated their HTML layout.
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