metaTED / metaTED / crawler /

import logging
from lxml import html
from lxml.cssselect import CSSSelector
from urlparse import urljoin
from .. import SITE_URL

_TALKS_URLS_SELECTOR = CSSSelector('table.downloads tr td:nth-child(3) a')

    # No downloads

def get_talks_urls():
    logging.debug('Looking for talk urls...')
    document = html.parse(TALKS_LIST_URL)
    talks_urls = [
        urljoin(SITE_URL, a.get('href'))
        for a in _TALKS_URLS_SELECTOR(document)
    # Remove the well-known problematic talk URLs (i.e. no downloads available)
    talks_urls = [url for url in talks_urls if url not in TALKS_URLS_BLACKLIST]"Found %d talk url(s) in total", len(talks_urls))
    return talks_urls
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