An automated Packer based system for building VirtualBox images, which have been preconfigured to make coursework easier for our ACS students.

Quick start

Please follow these steps:

  1. Download and install VirtualBox
  2. Download one of these OVA files
  3. Open the downloaded OVA file, which should start up the VirtualBox virtual machine import process
  4. Once the import is complete, start up the resulting VirtualBox virtual machine

You should now be ready to do your ACS related coursework hassle-free. Good luck :)

Building VirtualBox images

If you're an ACS student you can probably skip right ahead to the next section

The following software must be installed on your workstation before you can use Packer to build VirtualBox images:

To rebuild all of the VirtualBox images simply run:

$ fab rebuild_all

And if you want to build a specific Packer template (i.e. ubuntu-desktop-1404-tmd018.json):

$ packer build ubuntu-desktop-1404-tmd018.json


If you find any bugs, or wish to propose new features please let us know.

If you'd like to contribute, simply fork the repository, commit your changes and send a pull request. Make sure you add yourself to AUTHORS.