> Have LaTeX installed with the 'minted' package (requires Pygments).
> Run the shell script ''

This document is being written using the LaTeX document preparation 
system. For explanation of LaTeX and documentation and tutorials 
please visit the website

Getting LaTeX
Therefore to build this document you need to have LaTeX installed, 
there are distributions for what ever system you are using available 
from the website

Extra LaTeX packages
To colour up the source code within this document the 'minted' LaTeX 
package is used ( and this requires 
the Pygments syntax highlighter ( so both of those 
need to be installed for you to produce a PDF from the tex files making 
this document.

Document Structure:
The tutorial is split into a number of chapters, each of a specific 
topic, where PythonScriptingWithSpatialData.tex file ties the whole 
document together and includes the header defines etc. 

To build the latex document run the script.