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Continuous integration service for PostgreSQL

This is a collection of deployment and configuration pieces to set up a continuous integration service running Jenkins for PostgreSQL. I'm running it at, but you can fork it and run your own (or contribute to mine).


Installation is currently supported on Debian squeeze (6.0) and Ubuntu precise (12.04 LTS).

On a fresh installation, clone the repository to /srv/pgci (this exact path is currently required; I'm working on a way to avoid that), and run

puppet apply --modulepath=modules/ manifests/pgci.pp

If the Jenkins configuration is changed while Jenkins is running, you need to go into Jenkins and choose "reload configuration from disk".

Local installation

For testing and development, use Vagrant and just call

vagrant up

This will create a virtual machine with Jenkins running on port 50080 on the host.

Manual setup

Some pieces should be set up manually:

  • dpkg-reconfigure icinga-cgi for the icingaadmin password
  • /etc/aliases, to get system email
  • Jenkins users and authentication
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