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+AMI2 uses Java 1.6 and is configured to build and run under Maven as a single project.
+It relies on a number of PMRGroup libraries. These are designed for managing CML
+but have generic routines which support any XML application. (It may be valuable to refactor
+this later, but it's not critical). Thus CML supports data arrays, geometry, etc.
+   !Numeric and geometrical routines (non-chemical)
+   !CML DOM (using XOM) and generic XML stuff
+   !Utility routines for chemistry
+   !SVG DOM/XOM (no chemistry)
+  !HTML DOM/XOM (no chemistry)
+In an ideal world euclid would be replaced by commons-math (Apache) but it wasn't written when
+PMR started this. There may be better SVG and HTML DOMS. 
+AMI2 uses PDFBox to convert PDF to SVG, with the assitance of the Batik SVG library. The latter
+is no longer valuable and PMR is trying to remove it from the system.
+All processing then takes place on raw SVG created by the PDFBox+Batik system. The SVG should be 
+a faithful representation of the PDF display in all details. If not, the problem is most
+likely to be with the Font properties.