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This is a Codeless node routing to other projects. There are two projects:


New version contains a hierarchy of modules (still being refactored)
 * https://bitbucket.org/petermr/declaratron-top  

 * https://bitbucket.org/mo_seph/scmathml  

Not yet integrated into a complete mvn project


Original version which works for particular example (forcefield) but is no 
longer being developed. has useful resource files for forcefields
 * https://bitbucket.org/petermr/semantic-forcefield

These will also need the Scala engine

1) Clone, compile and install mathML. This is needed since mathML is not
in the UCC repo yet:

	hg clone https://bitbucket.org/petermr/mathml
	cd mathml
	mvn install

2) Clone, compile and install semantic-forcefield:

	hg clone https://bitbucket.org/petermr/semantic-forcefield
	cd semantic-forcefield
	mvn test