=== ImageAnalysis ===

Basic routines for processing scientific and similar diagrams. Primarily works on clear primitives shapes (lines, symbols, curves, polygons, clear text).

== Architecture ==

Primarily now based on BoofCV as the initial processor. Line detection mainly now through thinning, floodfill and analysis of PixelIslands.

= PixelIsland =

A set of contiguous pixels (could enclose other islands recursively). Most routines assume that touching can be through diagonal pixels. There is a flag for this but it's not systematic. Many islands have been thinned and therefore consist of a graph of PixelEdges and PixelNodes (subclassed as TerminalNode and NucleusNode). (We had a lot of struggle with different types of JunctionNode and are gradually abandoning this - it depends on the success of the thinning process).

== PixelGraph == Routines which extract the topology of the pixels.