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Issue #19 new

Running pdf2svg: fix and simplify

Renaud Richardet
created an issue


I was not able to run pdf2svg using "java pdf2svg [options] PDFFile". I looked into the proposed "pdf2svg.sh" script, but this seemed complicated to me. Instead, pdf2svg could use the appassembler maven plugin (http://mojo.codehaus.org/appassembler/appassembler-maven-plugin/), which bundles any Maven code into an executable application (Win and Unixes), and it just works.

Here is what you would need to add to pom.xml

          <!-- CHANGE IT 
            <extraJvmArguments>-Xms1G -Dfile.encoding=UTF8</extraJvmArguments> 

The application can be built like that:

$> mvn clean package appassembler:assemble

... and then called like this

$> cd target/appassembler
$> ./bin/pdf2svg_converter [Options] file

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