Running pdf2svg: fix and simplify

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Renaud Richardet
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I was not able to run pdf2svg using "java pdf2svg [options] PDFFile". I looked into the proposed "" script, but this seemed complicated to me. Instead, pdf2svg could use the appassembler maven plugin (, which bundles any Maven code into an executable application (Win and Unixes), and it just works.

Here is what you would need to add to pom.xml

          <!-- CHANGE IT 
            <extraJvmArguments>-Xms1G -Dfile.encoding=UTF8</extraJvmArguments> 

The application can be built like that:

$> mvn clean package appassembler:assemble

... and then called like this

$> cd target/appassembler
$> ./bin/pdf2svg_converter [Options] file

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