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finished rotation

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 import org.xmlcml.euclid.Angle.Units;
 import org.xmlcml.euclid.Real2;
 import org.xmlcml.euclid.Real2Range;
+import org.xmlcml.euclid.RealArray;
 import org.xmlcml.euclid.Transform2;
 import org.xmlcml.euclid.Vector2;
 		if (isTrue(PageActionElement.CAN_ROTATE_LANDSCAPE)) {
-		debugFile("target/norm2.svg");
 		Integer decimalPlaces = getDecimalPlaces();
 		if (decimalPlaces != null) {
+		debugFile("target/norm2.svg");
 	private void debugFile(String filename) {
+		removeRedundantUnitMatrices();
+	}
+	private void removeRedundantUnitMatrices() {
+		Transform2 unit = new Transform2();
+		RealArray unitRa = new RealArray(unit.getMatrixAsArray());
+		List<SVGElement> elements = SVGUtil.getQuerySVGElements(getSVGPage(), ".//svg:*[@transform]");
+		for (SVGElement element : elements) {
+			Transform2 t2 = element.getTransform();
+			RealArray t2Ra = new RealArray(t2.getMatrixAsArray());
+			if (unitRa.equals(t2Ra, EPS)) {
+				Attribute t2Att = element.getAttribute(SVGElement.TRANSFORM);
+				t2Att.detach();
+			}
+		}
 	private void guessRotationAndApply() {
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