Peter Nixon avatar Peter Nixon committed d803b52

These need to be floats for the calc to work properly

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                     status_counter[log.status] +=1
                     status_dict[log.domainname][log.status] +=1
                 if int(time.time()) > nextrefresh:
-                    proxy_fail_percent = status_counter[504] / total_requests * 100
+                    proxy_fail_percent = float(status_counter[504]) / float(total_requests) * 100
                     rootwin.addstr(1, 1, "#  Hits      Site                      Top Status")
                     rootwin.addstr(height - 2, 1, "Sites: %d  Requests: %d  Bypassed: %d  Proxy Fails: %d (%f%%)" % (len(host_counter), total_requests, bypassed_requests, status_counter[504], proxy_fail_percent))
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