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actually update the coordinate string if we get one from the geocoder :)

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             final OnmsGeolocation geolocation = assets.getGeolocation();
             final String addressString = geolocation.asAddressString();
-            final String coordinateString = geolocation.getCoordinates();
+            String coordinateString = geolocation.getCoordinates();
             if (m_enableGeocoding && (coordinateString == null || coordinateString == "" || !coordinateString.contains(",")) && addressString != "") {
                 m_log.debug("No coordinates for node {}, getting geolocation for street address: {}", new Object[] { node.getId(), addressString });
                         m_log.debug("Failed to look up coordinates for street address: {}", addressString);
                     } else {
-                        geolocation.setCoordinates(coordinates.getLatitude() + "," + coordinates.getLongitude());
+                        coordinateString = coordinates.getLatitude() + "," + coordinates.getLongitude();
+                        geolocation.setCoordinates(coordinateString);
                 } catch (final GeocoderException e) {
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