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Access Point Name

Access Point Name or APN is the name of an access point for GPRS.

An access point is:

  • An IP network to which a mobile can be connected
  • A set of settings which are used for that connection
  • A particular option in a set of settings in a mobile phone

When a GPRS mobile phone sets up a PDP context, the access point is selected. At this point an access point name (APN) is determined


  • telstra.internet
  • internet
  • wap
  • vflive

This access point is then used in a DNS query to a private DNS network. This process (called APN resolution) finally gives the IP address of the GGSN which should serve the access point. At this point a PDP context can be activated.

The APN DNS record is in the form of apn.mnc(Network Code).mcc(Country Code).gprs. The numbering is defined by ITU-T E.212.

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