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packetdata / Header Enrichment

Header enrichment is is a feature traditionally enabled on WAP Gateways to insert additional subscriber specific information into the headers of WAP and HTTP requests in real time for use by partner web sites when identifying or charging subscribers. On more modern 3G and LTE networks either the GGSN/PGW or a transparent HTTP optimizer typically does the header enrichment as the majority of data traffic on a mobile network no longer passes via a WAP Gateway. Information that may be added to the header includes:

  • Charging Characteristics
  • Charging ID
  • Customer ID
  • GGSN or PGW IP address
  • Serving Gateway Support Node (SGSN) or SGW IP address
  • International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)
  • International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI)
  • Mobile Subscriber ISDN Number (MSISDN)
  • UE IP address