Peter Sanchez committed 4bd1033

Added RENEW command

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 from cartfreakapi import CartFreakError
+REQUIRED_VARS = ('command', 'hash')
         raise ImproperlyConfigured(
             u'No CartFreak API setting configured for %s' % key_name
-    required = ('command', 'hash')
-    valid_commands = ('CREATE', 'REMOVE', 'COMPLETE')
     cf_key = getattr(settings, key_name)
-    for req in required:
+    for req in REQUIRED_VARS:
         if req not in request.POST:
             err_msg = 'No %s varaible was sent' % req
             return HttpResponse(ERROR_STR % err_msg)
     command = request.POST.get('command')
     _hash = hashlib.sha1(cf_key + command).hexdigest()
-    if command not in valid_commands:
+    if command not in VALID_COMMANDS:
         return HttpResponse(ERROR_STR % 'Invalid command sent')
     if _hash != in_hash:
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