Remember where to return to after redirecting a user?

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Chris Wood created an issue

I'm a little confused as to how post-impersonation redirection is supposed to work.

I would like to be able to follow a URL such as <a href="{% url 'impersonate-start' %}?next={{request.path}}">switch user</a> to impersonate a user and then, upon following impersonate-stop, return to what request.path was before.

The README file (following "IMPERSONATE_REDIRECT_FIELD_NAME") makes it sound like this is possible.

However, having examined the redirection methods in, it looks like they only examine the request object rather than the session - so there's no memory of where the impersonator came from.

Is that correct?

I could supply a change to (optionally?) record the value of the redirect field to the session.

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  1. Peter Sanchez repo owner

    You're right. Currently there is no "return where you started" functionality. Feel free to submit a pull request. Please include tests and docs for the new feature.

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