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Added subscription_needs_update signal. Much more user friendly than automatically re-subscribing.

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 pre_subscribe = Signal(providing_args=['created'])
 verified = Signal()
 updated = Signal(providing_args=['update'])
+subscription_needs_update = Signal(providing_args=['hub_url', 'topic_url'])


 from django.utils.datastructures import MultiValueDictKeyError
 from djpubsubhubbub.models import Subscription, DEFAULT_LEASE_SECONDS
-from djpubsubhubbub.signals import verified, updated
+from djpubsubhubbub.signals import verified, updated, subscription_needs_update
                 needs_update = True
             if needs_update:
-                expiration_time = subscription.lease_expires -
-                seconds = (expiration_time.days * 86400) + \
-                                                expiration_time.seconds
-                Subscription.objects.do_action(
-                    self_url,
-                    hub_url,
-                    callback=request.build_absolute_uri(),
-                    lease_seconds=seconds,
+                subscription_needs_update.send(
+                    sender=subscription,
+                    hub_url=hub_url,
+                    topic_url=self_url,
             updated.send(sender=subscription, update=parsed)
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