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A string of different Python modules or utilities that I find useful. This has been a private repo for years that I've used in several projects and slowly molded into amore useful set of modules.

I either create, adapted from existing snippet/code, or just included these files all together.

Credit is always given to the original author. If you find something that isn't, please notify me immediately and I'll give proper credit.


Some of this code is old, outdated, not used anymore at all and I just forgot to remove it from the repository. That old and unmaintained code will eventually be removed from this repository. Warning: That code may be ugly! Don't hang me for it ;)


Basic Install:

$ python setup.py build $ sudo python setup.py install

Alternative Install (Manually):

Place webutils directory in your Python path. Either in your Python installs site-packages directory or set your $PYTHONPATH environment variable to include a directory where the webutils directory lives.

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