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Zerigo DNS - REST API - Python Module

The API documentation itself is not provided here. The latest version can
be found online at

The following are required to use this library:

- A functioning Python 2.3+ environment with HTTP (or HTTPS) access to the internet.
- Some working knowledge of the Python language.
- A Zerigo DNS account with Dynamic Updates / API Access enabled. (Visit and go to Preferences to enable access.)
- The Dynamic Update / API key. (Also available on the Preferences page.)


Basic Install:

  $ python build
  $ sudo python install

Alternative Install (Manually):

Place zerigodns directory in your Python path. Either in your Python 
installs site-packages directory or set your $PYTHONPATH environment 
variable to include a directory where the zerigodns directory lives.

Both the library (zerigodns) and example usage code ( are 
heavily commented. They should serve as sufficient reference for this code.

Visit for updates, new versions, and 


Python Module:

For issues with the Python API module, please use the public issue tracker at the 
repositories website:

Zerigo Support:

Support is generally available via standard Zerigo support options. See for more information. Please note that support
may be limited based on your choice of Zerigo DNS services.

Comments / Suggestions
We always welcome comments, suggestions, and constructive complaints. You can
find several ways to contact me at

Copyright & Warranty
All documentation, libraries, and sample code are 
Copyright 2009 Peter Sanchez <>. The library and 
sample code are made available to you under the terms of the BSD license 
which is contained in the included file, BSD-LICENSE.

The terms here grant you no rights in regard to the Zerigo services. Please
reference Zerigo's Terms of Service for all legal information regarding
Zerigo's services.

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