1. Peter Schüller
  2. asap-aspetris



ASAP Framework and ASPeTris implementation


  • sugar/ Syntactic sugar (fluents, actions, action ordering) preprocessor.
  • asap/ dlvhex2 Python plugin that realizes the ASAP framework.
  • aspetris/ The Tetris game realized in ASAP.
  • resources/ Graphical resources used by Tetris.

To use this software you will need a recent version of dlvhex2, which you can obtain via

$ git clone --recursive https://github.com/hexhex/core.git

and build with python support using

$ ./bootstrap.sh
$ ./configure --enable-python
$ make
$ make install

You also need to build the ASAP syntactic sugar by running in this repository (works with java 7 openjdk)

$ cd sugar
$ make

and then you can run ASPeTris using

$ ./run.sh

Required libraries (Ubuntu 14.04 packages):

  • everything dlvhex2 needs
  • java (see also sugar/ directory)
  • python-tk python-pil python-imaging python-imaging-tk