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Picasa integration with page edit form (MooEditable as well).
gadmin.types module with Register class Start of real picasa implementation
MooEditable integration
GContent has gone (After understanding how silly I am). So, types again are GPage subclasses. + Start of picasa integration.
Now it is possible to edit pages
Some (no)caching fix for forms and base of admins access
GPage is no longer a PolyModel - it really hard to implement SelfReferencing PolyModel. So, GPage is splitted into GPage and GContent and all types subclasses must extend GContent insteed of GPage
Start of GPage types
Server side (and client side) reordering is working
JS login is finished. Only small portion of Server side's have left
Forgoten Template Tags
Almost done with client side Site-Tree
Site tree Server + Client sides
NestedSet sucks because of Google's restrictions on Query.filter method. So, this is start of refactoring to parent-children-order kind of site tree.
Further refinition of Nested Set implementation removed
Tree as Nested Set
Init of eagcms
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