Author Commit Message Date Builds
Better default styles;
Files for documentation;
Documentation fixes;
Bug fixes (thanks tatarkin.evg);
EAG types loading bug, that sometimes couses 500 error when using eagsite template tags outsite EAG cms app.
Small mistake in documentation
Download links to documentation.
Favicon; reposition of use_library
At last - documentation is finished!
Docs; GAE config and index files
Docs; Small tweak to 'no slash' after admin url; Comments to; Page slug field onchange event now slugifies it's value;
404.html; 500.html; Some eagsite template tags tweeks; Some documentation
Some documentation styling
References are written. Tutorial to go. As I understand, I forget to add docs' files last time...
Start of documentation
Some contrast to admin color scheme. Some bugs in page reordering. Site design almost done.
Starting default site
Bug in reordering js code. Picasa "no galleries" message.
My caching was cached - and that makes a lot of intresting bugs. Listing and ordering bugs fixed too
Moving project directory (again); LICENCE:
Everything django related was mooved to dproject dir. I'am hoping that google allows me to use os.path module
Translation added to templates
Finish of picasa integration; Some Account tweeking; Mootools reduced; No Access; Site head
Mass renaming + some tweaking
Some styling
Design of index page
RequestContext integration
Some small caching and start of look and feel
It is possible to change GPage type. Related fields data is saved.
Start of Front end. I think project is ready for 'Start of ending' phase...
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