1. Petras Zdanavičius
  2. PyWeek #12



Your Game Title

Entry in PyWeek #12 <http://www.pyweek.org/12/> URL: http://pyweek.org/e/petraszd-pw-12/ Team: Petras Zdanavicius Members: petraszd License: see LICENSE.txt

Running the Game

On Windows or Mac OS X, locate the "run_game.pyw" file and double-click it.

Othewise open a terminal / console and "cd" to the game directory and run:

python run_game.py

Libraries required:

  • pyglet
  • cocos2d

How to Play the Game

  • Click onto squares to split them into 9 squares.
  • Hold and drag squares to shoot them at targets.
  • You must destroy all circles to win the game.

Development notes

Creating a source distribution with:

python setup.py sdist

You may also generate Windows executables and OS X applications:

python setup.py py2exe
python setup.py py2app

Upload files to PyWeek with:

python pyweek_upload.py

Upload to the Python Package Index with:

python setup.py register
python setup.py sdist upload