1. Petras Zdanavičius
  2. PyWeek #17: Shrooms



Sane Mushroom Picking

Entry in PyWeek #17 <http://www.pyweek.org/17/>
Team: Sane Mushroom Picking
Members: petraszd
License: see LICENSE.txt


pygame is used for soundfx and music. cocos2d and pyglet are included with the source distribution.

Running the Game

On Windows or Mac OS X, locate the "run_game.pyw" file and double-click it. Otherwise open a terminal / console and "cd" to the game directory and run:

python run_game.py

If there are problems than try to run it without sound/music:

python run_game.py --no-music

How to Play the Game

A, LEFT - to move counter clock wise
D, RIGHT - to move clock wise
Mouse click - to shoot

Sounds and Music

Sounds and music were taken from http://freesound.org/


Font name is "Audiowide". It is create by Brian J. Bonislawsky.