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Leave the django_auth_ldap logger level at NOTSET.

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File django_auth_ldap/

             cls.logger = logging.getLogger('django_auth_ldap')
-            cls.logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG)
         return cls.logger
     get_logger = classmethod(get_logger)

File docs/index.rst

 :class:`~django_auth_ldap.backend.LDAPBackend` uses the standard logging module
 to log debug and warning messages to the logger named ``'django_auth_ldap'``. If
 you need debug messages to help with configuration issues, you should add a
-handler to this logger.
+handler to this logger. Note that this logger is initialized with a level of
+NOTSET, so you may need to change the level of the logger in order to get debug
 More options
     description="Django LDAP authentication backend",
     long_description="""This is a Django authentication backend that authenticates against an LDAP service. Configuration can be as simple as a single distinguished name template, but there are many rich configuration options for working with users, groups, and permissions.
-This package requires Python 2.3, Django 1.0, and python-ldap. Documentation can be found at
+This package requires at least Python 2.3, Django 1.0, and python-ldap 2.0. Documentation can be found at
     author="Peter Sagerson",
         "Topic :: System :: Systems Administration :: Authentication/Directory :: LDAP",
         "Topic :: Software Development :: Libraries :: Python Modules",
-    keywords=["django", "ldap", "authentication"],
+    keywords=["django", "ldap", "authentication", "auth"],