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Satish Balay  committed 1e6f484

#115674 self.setCompilers.LIBS was set to clibs only when FC was enabled. [This should also be set for FC=0 CXX=yes]

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     self.logPrint('Libraries needed to link C code with another linker: '+str(self.clibs), 3, 'compilers')
-    if hasattr(self.setCompilers, 'FC'):
+    if hasattr(self.setCompilers, 'FC') or hasattr(self.setCompilers, 'CXX'):
       self.logPrint('Check that C libraries can be used from Fortran', 4, 'compilers')
       oldLibs = self.setCompilers.LIBS
       self.setCompilers.LIBS = ' '.join([self.libraries.getLibArgument(lib) for lib in self.clibs])+' '+self.setCompilers.LIBS
+    if hasattr(self.setCompilers, 'FC'):
       except RuntimeError, e: