Satish Balay avatar Satish Balay committed 7739d1b search '/cygdrive/c/' aswell as '/c/' type cygwin paths.

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           dir = os.path.join(homedir,dir)
           if os.path.isdir(dir):
             yield (dir)
-    # Try MPICH install locations under Windows
-    yield(os.path.join('/cygdrive','c','Program Files','Microsoft HPC Pack 2008 SDK'))
-    yield(os.path.join('/cygdrive','c','Program Files','Microsoft Compute Cluster Pack'))
-    yield(os.path.join('/cygdrive','c','Program Files','MPICH2'))
-    yield(os.path.join('/cygdrive','c','Program Files (x86)','MPICH2'))
-    yield(os.path.join('/cygdrive','c','Program Files','MPICH'))
-    yield(os.path.join('/cygdrive','c','Program Files','MPICH','SDK.gcc'))
-    yield(os.path.join('/cygdrive','c','Program Files','MPICH','SDK'))
+    # Try MSMPI/MPICH install locations under Windows
+    # ex: /cygdrive/c/Program Files/Microsoft HPC Pack 2008 SDK
+    for root in ['/',os.path.join('/','cygdrive')]:
+      for drive in ['c']:
+        for programFiles in ['Program Files','Program Files (x86)']:
+          for packageDir in ['Microsoft HPC Pack 2008 SDK','Microsoft Compute Cluster Pack','MPICH2','MPICH',os.path.join('MPICH','SDK.gcc'),os.path.join('MPICH','SDK')]:
+            yield(os.path.join(root,drive,programFiles,packageDir))
   def checkSharedLibrary(self):
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