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Add LAPACKsteqr_ to checkMissing

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     '''Check for missing LAPACK routines'''
     if self.foundLapack:
       mangleFunc = hasattr(self.compilers, 'FC') and not self.f2c
-      for baseName in ['trsen','gerfs','gges','tgsen','gesvd','getrf','getrs','geev','gelss','syev','syevx','sygv','sygvx','potrf','potrs','stebz','pttrf','pttrs','stein','orgqr','geqrf','gesv','hseqr','geqrf']:
+      for baseName in ['trsen','gerfs','gges','tgsen','gesvd','getrf','getrs','geev','gelss','syev','syevx','sygv','sygvx','potrf','potrs','stebz','pttrf','pttrs','stein','orgqr','geqrf','gesv','hseqr','geqrf','steqr']:
         prefix = self.getPrefix()
         if self.f2c:
           if self.mangling == 'underscore':
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