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More MPI-2 type tests (not really independent, but clearer to be specific)

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       self.addDefine('HAVE_MPI_REPLACE',1) # MPI_REPLACE is strictly for use with the one-sided function MPI_Accumulate
     if self.libraries.check(self.dlib, "MPI_Type_get_envelope"):
+    if self.libraries.check(self.dlib, "MPI_Type_get_extent"):
+      self.addDefine('HAVE_MPI_TYPE_GET_EXTENT',1)
+    if self.libraries.check(self.dlib, "MPI_Type_dup"):
+      self.addDefine('HAVE_MPI_TYPE_DUP',1)
     if self.libraries.check(self.dlib, 'MPI_Init_thread'):
     if self.libraries.check(self.dlib, "MPIX_Iallreduce"):
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