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Remove Sieve harder and document removal in dev.html

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File bin/maint/

 # basic gcc tests
 make PETSC_ARCH=asterix64 all alltests tests_DATAFILESPATH DATAFILESPATH=/home/balay/datafiles
-./config/  CC=gcc FC=gfortran CXX=g++ PETSC_ARCH=asterix64-cxx-sieve --with-clanguage=cxx \
---with-sieve=1 --download-mpich=1 --download-boost=1 --download-chaco=1 \
+./config/  CC=gcc FC=gfortran CXX=g++ PETSC_ARCH=asterix64-cxx --with-clanguage=cxx \
+--download-mpich=1 --download-boost=1 --download-chaco=1 \
 --download-plapack=1 --download-tetgen=1 --download-triangle=1 --download-hdf5=1
-make PETSC_ARCH=asterix64-cxx-sieve all alltests tests_DATAFILESPATH DATAFILESPATH=/home/balay/datafiles
+make PETSC_ARCH=asterix64-cxx all alltests tests_DATAFILESPATH DATAFILESPATH=/home/balay/datafiles
 make PETSC_ARCH=asterix64-openmpi all alltests tests_DATAFILESPATH DATAFILESPATH=/home/balay/datafiles
 ./config/examples/asterix/ --with-clanguage=cxx -PETSC_ARCH=asterix64-cxx-opt --with-debugging=0 --with-log=0

File bin/maint/confignightly/churn2

 set MACH=churn
 set USR=petsc
 set LOC=/sandbox/petsc/${RNAME}-2
-set CONF=arch-linux-cxx-sieve
+set CONF=arch-linux-cxx

File bin/maint/confignightly/crush3

 set MACH=crush
 set USR=petsc
 set LOC=/sandbox/petsc/${RNAME}-3
-set CONF=arch-linux-cxx-sieve-gcov
+set CONF=arch-linux-cxx-gcov

File bin/maint/

 OPT1='--with-shared-libraries=1 --with-debugging=0'
-OPT2='--with-clanguage=cxx --with-sieve=1 --with-log=0'
+OPT2='--with-clanguage=cxx --with-log=0'
 OPT3='--with-scalar-type=complex --with-clanguage=cxx --with-pic=0 --with-log=0'
 testexamples_HDF5: ${TESTEXAMPLES_HDF5}
 	-@${OMAKE} testexamples_CHACO TESTEXAMPLES_CHACO=`echo ${TESTEXAMPLES_CHACO} | sed s/runex[0-9]*[a-z0-9_]*//g`
 	-@${OMAKE} testexamples_TRIANGLE TESTEXAMPLES_TRIANGLE=`echo ${TESTEXAMPLES_TRIANGLE} | sed s/runex[0-9]*[a-z0-9_]*//g`
-	-@${OMAKE} testexamples_SIEVE TESTEXAMPLES_SIEVE=`echo ${TESTEXAMPLES_SIEVE} | sed s/runex[0-9]*[a-z0-9_]*//g`
 	-@${OMAKE} testexamples_BOOST TESTEXAMPLES_BOOST=`echo ${TESTEXAMPLES_BOOST} | sed s/runex[0-9]*[a-z0-9_]*//g`

File conf/variables

 PETSC_MIXED_LIB           = ${C_SH_LIB_PATH} -L${PETSC_LIB_DIR}  -lpetscsnes -lpetscvec -lpetscsys -lpetscksp_single -lpetscmat_single -lpetscvec_single  -lpetscsys_single  ${PETSC_EXTERNAL_LIB_BASIC}
 #  Escape codes to change the text color on xterms and terminals

File include/makefile

 SOURCEH  = petscsys.h
 LIBBASE  = libpetscvec
-DIRS     = finclude petsc-private sieve
+DIRS     = finclude petsc-private
 LOCDIR   = include/
 MANSEC   = Sys

File include/petscvec.h

 #define VECMPI         "mpi"
 #define VECSTANDARD    "standard"   /* seq on one process and mpi on several */
 #define VECSHARED      "shared"
-#define VECSIEVE       "sieve"
 #define VECSEQCUSP     "seqcusp"
 #define VECMPICUSP     "mpicusp"
 #define VECCUSP        "cusp"       /* seqcusp on one process and mpicusp on several */

File src/contrib/style/checks/

 # - Remove lines containing http, ftp: or file: as in http:// or https://
 # - Remove C++ comments inside C comments escaped with a Dollar-sign (used for sowing)
 # - Remove HTML doctype declaration
-# - Ignore Sieve in dm/impls/mesh/
 # - Ignore a special string inside src/snes/impls/test/snestest.c
 # - Ignore other special cases
 grep -n -H -F "//" "$@" \
  | grep -v "http\|ftp:\|file:" \
  | grep -v -F ":$" \
- | grep -v -F "src/dm/impls/mesh/" \
  | grep -v -F "<!DOCTYPE" \
  | grep -v -F "||//J||" \
  | grep -v -F "\"://\""

File src/docs/website/documentation/changes/dev.html

         <li>The MatType argument is removed from DMCreateMatrix(), you can use DMSetMatType() to indicate the type you want used with a DM, defaults to MATAIJ</li>
-      <h4>DMComplex/DMPlex:</h4>
-      <h4>DMMesh:</h4>
-      <h4>DMMG:</h4>
+      <h4>DMPlex:</h4>
+      <ul>
+        <li>Sieve/DMMesh has been removed entirely.  Use DMPlex.</li>
+      </ul>