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make.log add in 'Finishing' timestamp

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 	 else \
 	  ${OMAKE} shared_install PETSC_ARCH=${PETSC_ARCH}  PETSC_DIR=${PETSC_DIR} 2>&1 | tee -a ${PETSC_ARCH}/conf/make.log ;\
         fi #solaris make likes to print the whole command that gave error. So split this up into the smallest chunk below
+	@echo "Finishing at: `date`" >> ${PETSC_ARCH}/conf/make.log
 	@if test -s ${PETSC_ARCH}/conf/error.log; then exit 1; fi
 	-@echo ""
 	-@echo " "
 	-@echo "=========================================="
-	-@echo On `date` on `hostname`
+	-@echo Starting on `hostname` at `date`
 	-@echo Machine characteristics: `uname -a`
 	-@echo "-----------------------------------------"
 	-@echo "Using PETSc directory: ${PETSC_DIR}"