Matt Knepley  committed 0892935

Mat: Should say that it has a nullspace in MatView()

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File src/mat/interface/matrix.c

         ierr = PetscViewerASCIIPrintf(viewer,"total: nonzeros=%lld, allocated nonzeros=%lld\n",(Petsc64bitInt)info.nz_used,(Petsc64bitInt)info.nz_allocated);CHKERRQ(ierr);
         ierr = PetscViewerASCIIPrintf(viewer,"total number of mallocs used during MatSetValues calls =%D\n",(PetscInt)info.mallocs);CHKERRQ(ierr);
+      if (mat->nullsp) {ierr = PetscViewerASCIIPrintf(viewer,"  has attached null space\n");CHKERRQ(ierr);}
+      if (mat->nearnullsp) {ierr = PetscViewerASCIIPrintf(viewer,"  has attached near null space\n");CHKERRQ(ierr);}
 #if defined(PETSC_HAVE_AMS)
   } else if (isams) {