Jed Brown avatar Jed Brown committed 0d622fa Merge

Merge branch 'balay/mpich-3.0.4'

Upgrade to v3.0.4-106-g3adb59c. This nighly is used because it fixes
the FreeBSD bug identified in this branch.

* balay/mpich-3.0.4:
mpich: revert workarround on freebsd as its fixed in the current tarball
mpich: update to pre 3.0.5 snapshot. This fixes a malloc bug in mpiexec [this bug is visible on freebsd - but exists on other arches aswell]
mpich: now 3.0.4 breaks on freebsd. [workarround by using 3.0.3 on it]
mpich: 3.0.4 now works on opensloaris - so download_mpich_sol is not needed
mpich: update to mpich-3.0.4.tar.gz

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Files changed (2)


     config.package.Package.__init__(self, framework)
     self.download_openmpi   = ['',
-    self.download_mpich     = ['',
-                               '']
-    self.download_mpich_sol = ['']
+    self.download_mpich     = ['']           = ['redefine']
     self.functions          = ['MPI_Init', 'MPI_Comm_create']
     self.includes           = ['mpi.h']
       if config.setCompilers.Configure.isCygwin() and not config.setCompilers.Configure.isGNU(self.setCompilers.CC):
         raise RuntimeError('Sorry, cannot download-install MPICH on Windows. Sugest installing windows version of MPICH manually')
       self.liblist      = [[]]
-      if config.setCompilers.Configure.isSolaris():
-         = self.download_mpich_sol
-      else:
-         = self.download_mpich
+         = self.download_mpich
       self.downloadname     = 'mpich'
       self.downloadfilename = 'mpich'
       return config.package.Package.checkDownload(self, requireDownload)


     return 0
   isDarwin = staticmethod(isDarwin)
+  def isFreeBSD():
+    '''Returns true if system is FreeBSD'''
+    (output, error, status) = config.base.Configure.executeShellCommand('uname -s')
+    if not status:
+      return output.lower().strip() == 'freebsd'
+    return 0
+  isFreeBSD = staticmethod(isFreeBSD)
   def isWindows(compiler):
     '''Returns true if the compiler is a Windows compiler'''
     if compiler in ['icl', 'cl', 'bcc32', 'ifl', 'df']:
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