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removed definition of DMADDA and documented removal

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 typedef const char* DMType;
 #define DMDA        "da"
-#define DMADDA      "adda"
 #define DMCOMPOSITE "composite"
 #define DMSLICED    "sliced"
 #define DMSHELL     "shell"


+        <li>PCASA has been removed, it never worked properly</li>
         <li>The documented, but semi-private function <tt>PCMGResidual_Default()</tt> is now public and named <tt>PCMGResidualDefault()</tt>.</li>
         <li>PCGAMG default smoother changed from PCJACOBI to PCSOR.</li>
         <li><tt>PCFieldSplitSchurPrecondition()</tt> deprecated (replaced in Fortran) in favor of <tt>PCFieldSplitSetSchurPre()</tt>.</li>
+        <li>DMADDA has been removed, it never worked correctly</li>
         <li>The MatType argument is removed from DMCreateMatrix(), you can use DMSetMatType() to indicate the type you want used with a DM, defaults to MATAIJ</li>
         <li><tt>DMDABoundaryType</tt> has become <tt>DMBoundaryType</tt>, and all the enumeration values have also been renamed.</li>