Stefano Zampini committed 42f27ef Merge

Merge branch 'stefano_zampini/pcbddc-baijfixes' of into stefano_zampini/pcbddc-baijfixes

Comments (3)

  1. Jed Brown

    This merge was a mistake since now we have two versions of your commits. After rebasing, you should replace the commits in the unmerged branch upstream instead of merging with it.

    $ git push origin +stefano_zampini/pcbddc-baijfixes

    (The + prefix above force-pushes that branch.) It is too late to fix it nicely now, but please avoid merges like this in the future.

    1. Jed Brown

      Don't worry about being "behind" unless there is something in master that you either (a) conflict with or (b) want to have in your branch. In that case, it is up to you whether to merge or rebase, but if you rebase, make sure to force-push your branch so that we keep only the new version.

      See section "merging" on this page for further details.