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Vijay Mahadevan  committed 46eb1ef

Makefile modifications to add the HDF5 dependent MOAB tests to run separately

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File src/ksp/ksp/examples/tutorials/makefile

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 TESTEXAMPLES_SUPERLU_DIST      = ex10.PETSc runex10_superlu_dist_lu_1 runex10_superlu_dist_lu_2 runex10_superlu_dist_redundant ex10.rm
 TESTEXAMPLES_CUDA              = ex10.PETSc runex10_aijcusparse ex10.rm
 TESTEXAMPLES_PCBDDC            = ex59.PETSc runex59 runex59_2 runex59_3 ex59.rm
-TESTEXAMPLES_MOAB              = ex35.PETSc runex35 runex35_2 ex35.rm
+TESTEXAMPLES_MOAB              = ex35.PETSc runex35 ex35.rm
+TESTEXAMPLES_MOAB_HDF5         = ex35.PETSc runex35_2 ex35.rm
 include ${PETSC_DIR}/conf/test

File src/ts/examples/tutorials/makefile

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                             ex5.PETSc ex5.rm
 TESTEXAMPLES_EXODUSII     = ex11.PETSc runex11 ex11.rm
 TESTEXAMPLES_MOAB         = ex30.PETSc runex30 ex30.rm ex35.PETSc runex35 ex35.rm
-TESTEXAMPLES_MOAB_HDF5    = ex35.PETSc runex35_2 ex35.rm
+TESTEXAMPLES_MOAB_HDF5    = ex30.PETSc runex30_2 ex30.rm ex35.PETSc runex35_2 ex35.rm
 include ${PETSC_DIR}/conf/test