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PCGAMG: add man page for PCGAMGType

Reported-by: Garth N. Wells <>

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  1. Peter Brune

    This is barely done and there is one working "PCGAMGType" in master.

    This is going to change soon, but still. I've got parallel things to debug with classical.

    Are there plans to remove geo?

    1. Jed Brown author

      Where is the PCGAMGType man page in 'master' (or 'next' for that matter)? It is definitely not in petscpc.h and lack of the man page meant that the list of available types could not be found from other functions that take a PCGAMGType.

      What is the motivation to remove GEO? Do you consider it to be an active maintenance problem or just that you know how to do it better, given enough time?

Files changed (1)

File include/petscpc.h

 PETSC_EXTERN PetscErrorCode PCPARMSSetNonsymPerm(PC pc,PetscBool nonsym);
 PETSC_EXTERN PetscErrorCode PCPARMSSetFill(PC pc,PetscInt lfil0,PetscInt lfil1,PetscInt lfil2);
+    PCGAMGType - type of generalized algebraic multigrid (PCGAMG) method
+    Level: intermediate
+.seealso: PCMG, PCSetType(), PCGAMGSetThreshold(), PCGAMGSetThreshold(), PCGAMGSetReuseProl()
 typedef const char *PCGAMGType;
 #define PCGAMGAGG         "agg"
 #define PCGAMGGEO         "geo"