Jed Brown  committed 5346369 allow missing Fortran libraries when compiling with Fortran

Some distributions and users do not install libexoIIfor.a, and PETSc
does not need it, so fall back to linking only the C interface.

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File config/BuildSystem/config/packages/

   def configureLibrary(self):
     self.liblist = [['libexodus.a'], ['libexoIIv2c.a']]
     if hasattr(self.compilers, 'FC'):
-      self.liblist = [['libexoIIv2for.a'] + libs for libs in self.liblist]
-      self.functions.append(self.compilers.mangleFortranFunction('exclos'))
+      self.liblist = [['libexoIIv2for.a'] + libs for libs in self.liblist] + self.liblist
+      # We would like to only test for the Fortran function 'exclos_' when actually linking the
+      # Fortran interface, but that seems to require custom logic, so give up on testing until we
+      # have a better system.
+      #
+      # self.functions.append(self.compilers.mangleFortranFunction('exclos'))
   def Install(self):